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I write cool shit. Mostly bots. Open-source especially!


Coffee Core

Coffee Core is an open-source Discord bot framework built on top of JDA that's designed with modularity and simplicity in mind.Developers can simply focus on building their bots instead of tinkering with the API!


Aevo4J is an open-source API implementation for Aevo, a decentralized derivatives exchange built on Ethereum.Developers can easily access Aevo's APIs with built-in authentication, order signing, and orderbook checksum validation!



A work in progress Discord bot focused on the ability to monitor, track, and notify you of events in the Ethereum ecosystem ranging from mainnet to L2s to sidechains!


Powered by OpenAI's ChatGPT, Brew(r) is an open-source Discord bot that can brew up new roles/categories/channels at the touch of a prompt!Try Brew(r) in your Discord server today!



There be a Discord.You should join.


The blue bird app thing.You know, the one Elon bought.


Twitter, but not owned by Elon.Default better already.

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